Logistics Service Providers


In these days of increasing complexity in the Logistics industry, there is need for specialised services in the area of logistics that forms the base services for trade. It is as hard as looking for a needle in the grass to get a professional in that will serve you well and meet all your needs.

FEAFFA has come up with a list of registered members that it will work with on a daily basis and help them provide the best service in this complex industry. FEAFFA has listed a number of stakeholders in the East African region that can be contacted for professional services in the logistics industry and these include;

  • A list of certified agents. These are the very members that are registered with Revenue authorities in the different countries and have undergone a 6-month mandatory training on how to handle cargo and work as customs agents. The list includes their given contact numbers for ease of communication and also list their companies for stakeholders to get In Touch with them. Read More
  • A list of licensed companies. Due to the huge numbers of several companies, FEAFFA with the help of revenue authorities and National associations has listed the few members that have submitted the necessary documentation and license and FEAFFA on an annual basis will keep vetting these companies to make sure they adhere to the FEAFFA code of conduct. Read More
  • A list of insurance companies. Marine insurance has become a mandatory service in Kenya and soon to be the entire region so FEAFFA has registered a few companies that guarantee good quality services in the marine industry. Read More
  • A list of Banks: Banks are a key role in the trade and logistics industry, therefore FEAFFA has made it their core role to search around for banks that offer good products to our members and the industry at large. Read More

Kindly Contact the Federation (FEAFFA) for registration and any updates.

Email: info@feaffa.com

Phone: +254-733780240 / +254-738 165 318

Contact Person: Andrew Onionga